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                  Company Overview
                          China Air Express Co., Ltd. was established by CAAC, the major domestic airlines and airport companies together in 1996. Upon completion of the restructuring in Aviation Industry, now China National Aviation Groups holding company, the parent company of Air China, is the controller shareholder of CAE, and China Eastern Airlines Group, Beijing Capital Airport, Guangzhou International Airport are the other major stockholders.

                         CAE has set up more than 101 branches covering 67 main cities all over China. Beijing, Guangzhou, Shanghai, Chengdu, Shenyang and Xi’an have become the Northern, Southern, Eastern, Southwestern, Northeastern regional distribution hub of CAE.

                         As the state owned courier express company with national network, CAE got Quality Management System Certificate in 2003 and now conform to system standard ISO9001:2008. Besides CAE has been rewarded a lot of honor:
                         Top 10 China Most Competitive Brands.
                         Best 50 China Express Company.
                         Top 500 China Most Valuable Brands.
                         Contribution Award to Olympic Flower and Society.
                         The 2013 Beijing Int’l Marathon Festival Designated Express Supplier.
                         Top 500 The 2013 Asia Most Valuable Brands.
                         2013 China Best Aviation Logistic Company.
                         China Express and Logistic Demonstration Base.
                         Social Contribution Award.
                         the special contribution award of Beijing 2008 Olympic Games Award Ceremony logistic support.

                         CAE is the first company in China to provide time definite product to customers, the business scope covers courier express, charter flight, packing, warehousing, logistics, bonded truck, Danger Goods transport and living animals transport etc. CAE is an expert for time- definite door to door services in china relying on the background of China Aviation. Besides the normal cargo transportation, more than 60 certified Danger Goods Regulation (Category 6) and 200 certified DGR (C 4) staffs can provide special goods transport service for customers. We have much experience on cooperating with World TOP 500 Companies from different industrials, such as IT, Medical Instrument, Medicine, Auto Parts, Electronic Components, Equipment manufacturing, Fast Consumer goods, Luxury goods etc.

                         CAE, your reliable logistic partner in China!

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